Requirements: OperationsManager 4.6.3, Common-1.0.521


This is a patch release and includes the following improvements:

  • Several bug fixes


Spider Incident 4.0.542 is bundled with OperationsManager 4.6.3.

This release is bundled with OperationsManager 4.6.3 and cannot be updated standalone.

See OperationsManager 4.6.3 Release Notes for further details on how to patch Spider Incident.

For a new installation first install the OperationsManager 4.6.0, then patch up to OperationsManager to 4.6.3.

Release Notes


  • [INC-1450] - FetchMail: Close/Reopen Store if a MessagingException happens


  • [INC-1463] - Change the label "Confirm" to "Confirm message" when displaying the "Ticket has an been updated"-message.
  • [INC-1464] - Create Ticket: Rename message type "phone message" to "phone call" to make it more clear.