Requirements: OperationsManager 4.6.1, Common-1.0.521


This is a update release and includes the following new functions:

  • Improved Spider Asset Integration
  • Improved Watchlist
  • Collaboration
  • Usability Improvements

Browser Support

Internet Explorer versions below IE 10 are not supported anymore (IE7, IE8, IE9)

Supported Browsers are:

  • Internet Explorer 10 or greater.
  • Mozilla Firefox 38 (ESR) or greater.
  • Chrome 47 or greater.


Spider Incident 4.0.540 is bundled with OperationsManager 4.6.1.

This release is bundled with OperationsManager 4.6.1 and cannot be updated standalone.

See OperationsManager 4.6.1 New & Noteworthy and OperationsManager 4.6.1 Release Notes for further details on how to patch Spider Incident.

For a new installation first install the OperationsManager 4.6.0, then patch up to OperationsManager to 4.6.1.

Release Notes


  • [INC-1146] - FetchMail endless connection if configuration properties do not match
  • [INC-1174] - JMS: "Cannot perform operation, session is closed" Exception when sending Ticket Events
  • [INC-1313] - Contact View: Setting a contact extended attribute to searchable = false, does still included it in the contact autocomplete
  • [INC-1318] - Linebreak when creating a message
  • [INC-1324] - Multiple boolean extended attributes are not working properly
  • [INC-1326] - OutOfMemory when deleting a TicketQueue with a lot of Tickets
  • [INC-1327] - "unable to create new native thread" error when updating a lot of tickets in bulk update.
  • [INC-1328] - NullPointerException when running "Tickets per Servicelevel" report
  • [INC-1330] - ContactManagement: Query has too many results
  • [INC-1337] - Proxy: Proxied user has to take over a Ticket when working with it
  • [INC-1342] - Ticket Overview: Grouped Tickets are not sorted by Deadline
  • [INC-1349] - CreateTicket:When directly assigning an agent, the agent name is sometimes not visible in the Query Ticket result page
  • [INC-1353] - FetchMail hangs when trying to read emails (infinite connection timeout)
  • [INC-1354] - Aus Wiedervorlage entfernen funktioniert nicht
  • [INC-1356] - Category serach in the register "start" hangs
  • [INC-1364] - Couvert in Ticketansicht wird bei Ergänzung teilweise nicht angezeigt
  • [INC-1365] - Inline Image not displayed when splitting a Ticket
  • [INC-1369] - unwanted space when using color tags
  • [INC-1375] - Adding a contact not possible if there is already an existing contact with the same phone number.
  • [INC-1378] - Basis-Bericht - Service Level Erfüllung - Bericht erstellung, bei entfernen eines Bearbeiters
  • [INC-1379] - ActivityNotFound exception when pressing Cancel on ReplyByMail
  • [INC-1389] - If you add a note, while it is in the "follow-up" The Ticket doesn't come back
  • [INC-1391] - Direct Ticket assignment to a support member with enabled proxy not possible
  • [INC-1392] - REST: Create Ticket Initiator cannot create or update Tickets via REST
  • [INC-1397] - Don't search for MyTickets if the logged in user has no email address.


  • [INC-1371] - Add possibility to initiate a query by clicking on color tags
  • [INC-1045] - slow group handling
  • [INC-1108] - Use Ticket Subject as Subject for E-mail when using "Send an update"
  • [INC-1180] - Messages always jump to top
  • [INC-1193] - Ticket overview: Make clicking onto the Subject the same as clicking on Edit if I'm already the owner
  • [INC-1311] - Telephone message: Support number get resolved by contact
  • [INC-1312] - Remember Url when showing login page
  • [INC-1334] - Watchlist: Add checkboxes in Watchlist table to make it easier to watch/unwatch multiple Tickets
  • [INC-1335] - Improve Ticket subscription/Watchlist
  • [INC-1344] - Improve AffectedItems/Spider Asset Integration
  • [INC-1351] - QueryTicket/TicketOverview/ContactInfo: Display the information icons all in the same order in seperate columns
  • [INC-1358] - Navigating through large messagelist on the Message View makes the selected message entry in the message list panel jump around
  • [INC-1359] - Use new TreeView for configuring Categories and CostCenters.
  • [INC-1368] - Show Agent on "Call received"
  • [INC-1377] - Go to the TicketOverview page after creating a Ticket
  • [INC-1380] - Von Wiedervorlage entfernen beim Zusammenfügen von Tickets
  • [INC-1384] - Use an own template for new pending activity when sending to the pool address
  • [INC-1387] - Add ticket name in e-mail subject when sending automatically generated e-mails.
  • [INC-1393] - Support HTML5 tel/number types for effort and phone fields
  • [INC-1403] - Preset next action on awaiting customer response according to its statos on the ticket

Minor Defect

  • [INC-1345] - MyTickets: Sorting is not working anymore when displaying all closed Tickets.
  • [INC-1394] - Edit template: Error message not removed when clicking Save the second time

New Feature

  • [INC-596] - Edit created Message
  • [INC-1265] - Affected Item as free text
  • [INC-1307] - Make the list of coloured tags sortable (by drag and drop)
  • [INC-1321] - Make it easier to copy Ticket ID
  • [INC-1363] - Involve other People to work on a Ticket
  • [INC-1376] - Pool E-mailaddress for TicketQueue

New And Noteworthy

This release contains a lot of small but very usefull usability improvements. Some of them are listed below.

Improved Asset Integration

The asset integration has been simplified:

  • No customizing (DB Views) required anymore
  • Directly show assets next to the contact when creating new tickets.

Simplified configuration


Directly assign assets when creating a new ticket


Improved message handling

  • Fast navigation between messages, without page reload
  • Show additional information if available (e.g. name of a phone number/email address)
  • Messages can be edited by the message owner or the Incident Manager:



  • Other Users can be invited to work together on a ticket.
  • Once involved, the user receives an e-mail with a link to the Ticket.

Invite another user by clicking the Involve People button:


Users can be added by start typing his name or email address in the E-Mail field.


Once the Invitation has been sent, the user receives an e-mail with additional information.

These tickets are listed in separate tables on the My Tickets page or the Ticket overview page:


They are also listed when clicking again on the Involve People button on the Ticket:


Simplify the e-mail communication with the Customer if the Support Agent is not Ticket owner

We have improved the possibilities to communicate with the customer when the agent is not ticket owner.

If another agent is already working on a ticket, but currently not available (e.g. he is in a meeting), then it is now possible for the other agents on the same ticket queue to communicate by e-mail with the customer.


  • Ticket has to be started already by a support agent
  • Now a member of the same queue can reply by e-mail to the customer/contact.
  • The Incident Manager can always reply by e-mail
  • An info box is displayed that the current user is not the owner of the Ticket.
  • The owner will be notified about the new message (by e-mail) as it is already done with adding a Note.

Pool e-mail address for "New pending Ticket" notifications

There is a new option for receiving e-mails for "New pending Ticket" notifications: A pool e-mail address can be used instead of notifying all queue agents seperately when a new ticket has been created.

This is configurable per Ticket queue:


Improved Watchlist

The watchlist feature has been improved. It is now easier to be notified when a ticket has been changed. For that just click the Watchlist button. A dialog opens and allows to select the "Notify me by e-mail about Ticket changes" checkbox.


Improved Color Tags

Color Tags Configuration

  • It is now possible to change the order of the Color Tags by drag & drop.
  • The Color Tags configuration displays the number of tagged tickets.


Using Color Tags

  • If there are a lot of Color Tags configured, they are now searchable on the dropdown for faster access:
  • Clicking the Color Tag name does now start a search and displayes all tickets with the same Color Tag.

Improved navigation

  • The navigation comes back to the original page when a redirect to the login page was required.
  • Improved message navigation without page loading

Tree view for Category/Cost Center configuration

The Category/Cost Center configuration uses now a tree view. This makes it much easier to change the configuration:

  • Support for right click (context menu)
  • Drag & drop of tree nodes


Other minor improvements

  • Improved proxy support
  • Simplified Ticket split
  • Support for mobile device number pad (e.g. effort field or phone field)
  • When a ticket was created, the ticket overview page is now displayed instead of the Start page.