Requirements: OperationsManager 4.6.0, Common-1.0.520


This is a feature release and includes the following new functions:

  • New Design
  • Color Tags
  • Dashbaord
  • Ticket Bulk-Import per CSV
  • Usability Improvements

Browser Support

Internet Explorer versions below IE 10 are not supported anymore (IE7, IE8, IE9)

Supported Browsers are:

  • Internet Explorer 10 or greater.
  • Mozilla Firefox 38 (ESR) or greater.
  • Chrome 47 or greater.


Spider Incident 4.0.530 is bundled with OperationsManager 4.6.0.

This release is bundled with OperationsManager 4.6.0 and cannot be updated standalone.

See OperationsManager 4.6.0 New & Noteworthy and OperationsManager 4.6.0 Release Notes for further details on how to patch Spider Incident.

For a new installation use the OperationsManager 4.6.0 setup.

Release Notes

Release Notes - Incident Management - Version 4.0.530


  • [INC-729] - FetchMail stops working sometimes if Mailserver has problems
  • [INC-947] - Reporting: Devided reports are not calculated correctly
  • [INC-1101] - GDS Exception. 335544382. BLOB not found
  • [INC-1111] - Contact Query dialog: not sorted correctly, show alternative name if real name is empty
  • [INC-1112] - ContactViewPage: ObjectLister not truncated
  • [INC-1113] - Configuration: TicketQueue selection lost when adding a new queue member.
  • [INC-1127] - Forward email: Line spacing too big
  • [INC-1141] - Don't show brackets in email notification template if the customer has no organisation
  • [INC-1148] - Moving a Ticket to another wfm with Servicelevel causes a hibernate exception
  • [INC-1154] - Problems when opening attachments with umlauts in the file name
  • [INC-1163] - $ is always empty
  • [INC-1179] - Move ticket to another model: Cannot choose destination contact if no rights to destination model
  • [INC-1181] - Certificate dialog not displayed correctly
  • [INC-1182] - Contact tooltip: Use max-height/max-width for Avatar icon
  • [INC-1183] - Query Ticket: Excel Export: Column names not translated
  • [INC-1186] - ViewContactPage: ObjectLister with Phone number not working
  • [INC-1187] - Extended Attribute: Do not allow dot (.) for EA field name.
  • [INC-1205] - Split Tickets: Message field should be on top
  • [INC-1206] - Quickinfo Tooltip sometimes out of window
  • [INC-1214] - In the "From Address" the text between "quote marks" is not getting ignored
  • [INC-1220] - ClassCastException when syncing a SpiderEmployee that was already imported by Incident via XML import
  • [INC-1224] - Renaming a ticket (subject) does not delete old OneSearch entry
  • [INC-1226] - ckeditor: Copy&Pasting of inline images break the image
  • [INC-1227] - Wrong colours in message list
  • [INC-1230] - Contact: Deleting first phone nomber ends in deleting all numbers
  • [INC-1231] - OneSearch: Searching for Contact with First AND Surname does not give a result
  • [INC-1234] - QueryTicket: No tickets found if more than one involved Performer was selected on the query page.
  • [INC-1243] - DropDownTree does not submit selected value when pressing return if exactly one node was displayed.
  • [INC-1248] - Rename "Create trouble Ticket" to "Create Ticket"
  • [INC-1260] - QueueConfiguration: Javascript error when switching TicketQueue before complete page was rendered.
  • [INC-1264] - net.sf.hibernate.StaleObjectStateException when creating initial Servicelevel configuration
  • [INC-1268] - Imported Asset URL: should not be used in OneSearch
  • [INC-1269] - Effort not always optional
  • [INC-1271] - QueryTicket: Parse exception when doing a fulltext search for special characters
  • [INC-1280] - Effort per Contact: ClassCastException when running without Daterange
  • [INC-1286] - REST: Allow to send additional attachments when creating a ticket or adding a note.
  • [INC-1287] - Resolve contacts by phoneNumber
  • [INC-1300] - Clicking on a Ticket Permalink does sometimes show a TicketNotFound message if the user is not logged in.
  • [INC-1304] - When clicking a public ticket link, forward to the internal ticket url, if user is already logged in and has rights to view the internal ticket


  • [INC-603] - Close icon should not be displayed in status box
  • [INC-622] - Improve Performance on the MessageView page.
  • [INC-650] - Reduce the complexity when Splitting Tickets
  • [INC-664] - Make contact order changable
  • [INC-907] - Add option to disable the necessity of contact notification upon ticket closing
  • [INC-1118] - Create possibility to expand and collapse message details header
  • [INC-1119] - Add an arrow to better display that the KB Widget can be expanded/collapsed.
  • [INC-1153] - Don't display Columbus data for public users
  • [INC-1165] - Ticket Import: Contact not found exception when importing a Ticket with a contact already on the system.
  • [INC-1166] - NumberFormatException during Ticket Import
  • [INC-1173] - FetchMail: Improve Configuration page and FetchMail status monitoring
  • [INC-1192] - Use BwgDropDownTree for TicketQueues.
  • [INC-1196] - Show tickets of proxied user
  • [INC-1198] - Sort support queues in ticket overview according to the order in the configuration
  • [INC-1200] - Ticketoverview: Show/hide more columns
  • [INC-1202] - Show "select all" checkbox on tables with checkboxes
  • [INC-1203] - Allow to make "note" field optional for Close Tickets
  • [INC-1204] - Make it possible to uncheck the "Ticket Close notification sent to..." checkbox by default
  • [INC-1208] - CostCenter/Categories/TicketQueues Dropdown improvements
  • [INC-1209] - Allow to select a TicketQueues per report
  • [INC-1211] - FetchMail configuration dialog: Allow to edit FetchMail instance name
  • [INC-1247] - REST: Add mass import for contacts
  • [INC-1249] - ViewTicket/WorkOnTicket: Show Ticket name in Title and Browser Title
  • [INC-1250] - Show Add Note, Reply by mail, Close Ticket, etc, in a dynamic tab instead of its own page
  • [INC-1254] - TableColumn Selection
  • [INC-1255] - Grouped Tickets table: Show last modification date
  • [INC-1261] - Do not set default solution in all dialogs
  • [INC-1274] - Contacts: Easy delete unused contacts
  • [INC-1290] - Improved Spam-Ticket handling
  • [INC-1298] - Effort per Agent per Ticket: Add costcenter and category columns

New Feature

  • [INC-150] - Create ability to import tickets from a CSV file
  • [INC-968] - Dashboard
  • [INC-982] - FetchMail: Support of mail flag priority.
  • [INC-1001] - Add attachments when closing a ticket
  • [INC-1170] - Public Ticket View: Make visible fields configurable
  • [INC-1199] - Use custom colors to categorize a ticket
  • [INC-1201] - Show QueryTicket- and CreateTicket-Buttons on Ticketoverview page
  • [INC-1229] - SLA Report: "Service Level Erf├╝llung" je Bearbeiter.
  • [INC-1239] - Show/hide table columns for QueryTicket/ContactView/AssetView
  • [INC-1241] - Add Ticket ID to Priority Monitor
  • [INC-1285] - Query Ticket: Search for resolve date
  • [INC-1303] - Add PermaLink to messages

New And Noteworthy

New Design

The design of Spider Incident and Spider Knowledge Base have been improved. They come in a new and fresh flat style. This includes colors and icons.

Some screenshots of the new design:


Ticket Overview


Ticket View





Color Tags

Color Tags allow you to easily identify and group associated Tickets. Assign a Color Tag to one or more Tickets, so that you can quickly track and organize them. You can also assign more than one Color Tag to a Ticket.


Tickets with specific Color Tags can be searched on the Query Ticket page.

Visible only for me and visible for the Team

Color Tags come in two groups:

  • Tags visible only for me
  • Tags visible for the Support Team


Color Tags visible only for me

You can choose from a set of default Color Tags, rename them or create even your own Color Tags. These Tags can be assigned to one or more Tickets. The Tags are only visible for you.

Color Tags visible for the Support Team

On the other side, the Incident Manager can define Color Tags that are visible for the Team. If one Team member assigns a Color Tag to a Ticket, all other Team members will see it.



The Dashboard is configurable individually by the user:

  • Move Dashlets arround, expand/collapse them
  • Add new Dashlets or remove existing ones

Adding Dashlets to the Dashboard

Dashlets can be added to the Dashboard by clicking "Add Dashlet".


Dashlets are grouped in three categories:

  • Preconfigured Dashlets
  • Tickets
  • Ticket Effort

The Dashboard supports these chart types:

  • Pie / Donut
  • Bar
  • Created vs. Resolved
  • Date Histogram (Timeseries)
  • Data Table

Dashlet Configuration

Each Dashlet can be configured


Ticket Bulk-Import from CSV

It is now possible to import multiple Tickets by csv. This is especially useful when importing Tickets from a foreign system.

To start the bulk import, go to Incident Configuration - Tools - Import/Export.

Select the csv-file to import and choose the correct delimiter, then press "next".


On the next screen, all fields can be mapped to their corresponding in Spider Incident:


After that, it is best to start a test import by clicking "Validate CSV data".

Performance Improvements

Performance improvements have been made overall on the application.

Especially notable:

  • Viewing a Ticket with assigned Servicelevel loads up to 4 times faster
  • Faster navigation between Tabs

Usability Improvements

Use dynamic Tab to add a Note, reply by mail or close a Ticket

When adding a note or replying by e-mail, the form is displayed in a dynamic Tab.


Fetch Mail: Improve Configuration page and FetchMail status monitoring

The Fetch Mail configuration page has been improved. All relevant information are now displayed at once in a table. Including the last successfull connection time. Any connection issues are displayed as well.


Contact Order changeable by drag & drop

Just hover over the contact and move it up or down on the now displayed grid.


DropDown Tree for Ticket Queues

Ticket Queues are now also structered in a DropDown Tree including search as you type.


Other new Features and Improvements

Toggle Table columns

The table columns can be toggled (displayed/hidden) on the Query Result, View Contact and View Asset page:


Improve Ticket Split

It is now much less complex to split a Ticket into two Tickets.


Just select the Ticket/Message you want to split, then click "split" on the Ribbon. This will forward you to the Create Ticket page with prefilled Ticket information. After completing the Create Ticket form and pressing "Create Ticket", you will be returned to the orignal Ticket.

Base Reports

New Report "Service Level Compliancy per Team member"

A new report "Service Level Compliancy per Team member" was added to the Base Reports.

Set Ticket Queue per Report

All Reports are extended to support selecting a Ticket Queue. This makes it possible to run Reports per Queue.


Improvements for Classification and Resolution
  • The visibility of Classification or Resolution entries is now configurable. This makes it possible to hide some unwanted entries. (Incident Configuration - Default Fields)
  • TRAINING and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT was added to the Resolution list


Other minor improvements

  • Show Query Ticket- and Create Ticket buttons on the Ticket Overview ribbon ("Quick Links")
  • Allow to make the message optional when closing a Ticket
  • Make it possible to uncheck the "Ticket Close notification sent to..." checkbox by default
  • REST: Add mass import for contacts
  • Add attachments when closing a ticket
  • Public Ticket View: Make visible fields configurable
  • Added Ticket ID to Priority Monitor
  • Allow to delete unused Contacts on the ViewContactPage (as Incident Manager)
  • The last viewed Contacts are also added to the Recent Items list.
  • If a Ticket is mark/unmark as Spam, is now recorded in the History
  • If a Ticket is marked as Spam, escalation e-mail will not be sent anymore.
  • When clicking on a public Ticket link, forward to the internal ticket url, if the current user is already logged in and has rights to view the internal Ticket