Requirements: OperationsManager 4.6.3, Common-1.0.521


This is a patch release and includes the following features and improvements:

  • bug fixes


Spider Knowledge Base 4.5.30  is bundled with OperationsManager 4.7.0.

This release is bundled with OperationsManager 4.7.0 and cannot be updated standalone.

See OperationsManager 4.7.0 New & Noteworthy and OperationsManager 4.7.0 Release Notes for further details on how to patch Spider Knowledge Base.

For a new installation install the OperationsManager 4.7.0.

Release Notes


  • [KBM-78] - Text is losing font type when changing colour
  • [KBM-79] - KB Attachment was indexed too often
  • [KBM-80] - ParseException: Illegal escape sequence "\+"
  • [KBM-81] - NPE/Object not found if wrong wfm namespace in url
  • [KBM-86] - Wrong position of text after magnifying glass in IE
  • [KBM-87] - Tags are not indexed