Requirements: OperationsManager 4.6.3, Common-1.0.521


This is an update release and includes the following features and improvements:

  • Enhanced Security model
  • Inline Templates
  • Article management page
  • Enhanced Styling
  • Enhanced Query page
  • bug fixes


Spider Knowledge Base 4.5.20  is bundled with OperationsManager 4.6.3.

This release is bundled with OperationsManager 4.6.3 and cannot be updated standalone.

See OperationsManager 4.6.3 New & Noteworthy and OperationsManager 4.6.3 Release Notes for further details on how to patch Spider Knowledge Base.

For a new installation first install the OperationsManager 4.6.0, then patch up to OperationsManager to 4.6.3.

Release Notes


  • [KBM-46] - CKEditor: Pasting an image does not work in KB whereas it does work in Incident
  • [KBM-61] - Wrong layout for default style


  • [KBM-25] - Draft/Publish toggle icon is confusing
  • [KBM-36] - Add Clear Cache button in Configuration
  • [KBM-41] - Add possibility to set styles for KB articles
  • [KBM-42] - Add Print Button for KB Articles

New Feature

  • [KBM-1] - Support private Categories or skip categories with only private articles from public search
  • [KBM-2] - Use CodeSyntax highlighting
  • [KBM-11] - Allow rating articles
  • [KBM-40] - Add Glossary
  • [KBM-48] - User groups
  • [KBM-52] - wysiwyg editor: Text modules
  • [KBM-53] - Count Views

New And Noteworthy

Enhanced Security model

This release enhances the Viewer Role security model.

Next to the existing roles "KB Manager", "KB Editor" and "KB Viewer", there is now the possibility to create additional Viewer Roles if needed.

Articles with that specific Viewer Roles will only be visible by users also in that Roles.

Configuring an additional Viewer Role

To configure additional Viewer Roles, go to the Configuration - Roles and Users

Create a new Role by clicking Add new Role and select one or more Organisational Entries (Model, Unit, Role or Humans).

Make the Article only visible for the created Role

After creating a new Viewer Role, the Knowledge Base Articles can be assigned with that Role. On the Create Article or Edit Article page, select Restricted Access and choose one or more Roles:

Special Role: All Roles

The special Role "All Roles" can be checked to set the article always visible for all roles. That means if in the future a new role is created, the the members are automatically allowed to view this article.

Security Rules

If an article is assigned to a Viewer Role then only the following users can see that article:

  • Members in the Viewer Role(s) of the article
  • Knowledge Base Managers
  • Knowledge Base Editors

Inline Templates

 Article templates are now integrated into the editor. This makes it possible to not only create article wide templates, but to also create snippets. These snippets can be places directly by the cursor in the editor.

Example of custom templates:

Article management page

 The new article management page helps to overview and organize the Knowledge Base articles. It's accessible over the Start or Backstage menu and visible for Article Editors.

Bulk Operations

The Bulk Operations allow to edit or delete multiple articles at once.

Enhanced Styling

The overall layout has been improved.

Query Page

The query/overview page comes in a clear styling and displays the most interesting articles in four boxes:

Responsive Layout for public pages

The public pages come in a new, responsive layout and are optimized for mobile devices:

Customize Layout and hide elements

On the Configuration - Customization, most of the displayed elements can be disabled. Disabled elements are not visible anymore.


The Knowledge Base Editors can create a glossary.

Words within the article will the be highlighted and the glossary description is displayed when hovering over the word.

Article Views counting and Rating

Article views are counted and (optionally) displayed by the article. This feature is also used for calculating the most popular articles.

Users can also rate the quality of the article.

Both features can be disabled on the Customization page.


One or more tags can be added to articles. When starting to type, available tags are displayed in a drop down list.

When viewing an article and clicking on one of these tags, a query displayes all articles with the same tag on the query page.

Import Articles from other products

Knowledge Base Manager Pro

An import interface allows to import articles from other products. At the moment we have built in support for Knowledge Base Manager Pro. To import articles, go to the Configuration - Import and follow the instructions on that page.

Other small features