Requirements: OperationsManager 4.7.3, Common-1.0.530


This is an update release and includes the following improvements:

  • Multiple Dashboards
  • Save as Draft
  • Bug fixes and minor enhancements


Spider Incident 4.0.561 is bundled with OperationsManager 4.7.3.

This release is bundled with OperationsManager 4.7.3 and cannot be updated standalone.

See OperationsManager 4.7.3 Release Notes for further details on how to patch Spider Incident.

For a new installation install OperationsManager 4.7.0, then patch up to 4.7.3.

Release Notes


  • [INC-1562] - Browser shows HTML code instead login page
  • [INC-1569] - QueryTicket filter Dashlet: Number of rows is not stored


  • [INC-1145] - When deleting a Ticket Queue: Verify if it is not used by FetchMail
  • [INC-1191] - Add Phonebook to phone message
  • [INC-1568] - Multiple dashboard
  • [INC-1571] - QueryTicketFilter: improve UX

New Feature

  • [INC-540] - Save as Draft

New And Noteworthy

Multiple Dashboards

The Dashboard page has been improved to allow multiple dashboards. This helps to organize your dashlets.

Save as Draft

Messages can now be saved as draft before they are really created and added to the Ticket.

Draft messages are stored per Agent and per Ticket.

The Save as Draft feature is available for:
  • Create Ticket
  • Add Note
  • Reply by E-Mail
  • Add Phone Comment
  • Close Ticket


To always guarantee the accurate ticket consistency, the following fields cannot be stored as draft and have to be reselected when loading the draft:
  • Attachment
  • Next Ticket State

Improved Saveable query filters

The query filters for the Query Ticket page have been improved. They are now more consistent and easier to organize.

Other notable features and fixes

  • The Query Ticket filter usability has been improved
  • An issue was fixed where the browser shows html code instead of the Start page when using Firefox and SSO.