Requirements: OperationsManager 4.7.0, Common-1.0.530


This is a patch release and includes the following improvements:

  • Customizable Classifications
  • Customizable Resolutions
  • Improved field visibility and validation configuration on the Create Ticket page
  • Rules for Ticket State changes
  • Impoved rules for Agent notifications
  • Improved UI when creating Tickets
  • Improved Selfservice for contacts (support for GDPR)
  • Several bug fixes


Spider Incident 4.0.550 is bundled with OperationsManager 4.7.0

This release is bundled with OperationsManager 4.7.0 and cannot be updated standalone.

See OperationsManager 4.7.0 Release Notes for further details on how to patch Spider Incident.

For a new installation install the OperationsManager 4.7.0.

Release Notes


  • [INC-1360] - The sort arrow is not clickable on the columns
  • [INC-1449] - Reply on wrong message if proxy
  • [INC-1451] - Ticketoverview: Resolved Tickets are not listed in Watchlist
  • [INC-1460] - Empty frame when copying content from another massage
  • [INC-1461] - When saving/updating a ticket template the message type does not get saved
  • [INC-1465] - Reply By Mail: Copy & pasting an image from another note does not get correctly integrated.
  • [INC-1467] - NPE: Deleting contact Extended Attribute
  • [INC-1471] - Pool Adresse wird nicht benachrichtigt bei Wiedereröffnung eines Tickets
  • [INC-1472] - Kategorie umbenennen Fehler
  • [INC-1476] - Mandatory (Costcenter, Category, classification) can be empty.
  • [INC-1477] - Schriftart Grösse wird nicht bei Leerzeilen angepasst.
  • [INC-1485] - Telefonnotiz: Bearbeitername wird beim Anzurufenden angezeigt
  • [INC-1489] - Missing 'Ticket Abschluss-Bestätigung' in Edge
  • [INC-1490] - New Message in a Merged Ticket, opens a new Ticket
  • [INC-1495] - When merging multiple tickets only one of them appears in the start page
  • [INC-1503] - AD information are not filled
  • [INC-1504] - Deleting Ticket Queue causes NPE
  • [INC-1505] - Outgoings emails have no sent date
  • [INC-1506] - Ticket Update doesn't work after moving a Ticket into another workflow model
  • [INC-1508] - Viewing a public ticket link and then logging in does not show the full ticket page.
  • [INC-1511] - Textfeld optional
  • [INC-1520] - Suppressing agent notification on CreateTicket does also suppress notifications on ticket move.
  • [INC-1524] - REST: Create Ticket not possible if account is only Initiator on the CreateTicket Process
  • [INC-1525] - NPE if the optional message is empty when creating a Ticket
  • [INC-1528] - Pool Adresse wird nicht benachrichtigt beim Weiterleiten eines Tickets


  • [INC-1292] - CKEditor: Create Hyperlink from URL
  • [INC-1322] - Improve Watchlist and All Tickets Assignment
  • [INC-1408] - Directly go to the WorkOnTicket page after creating a new Ticket
  • [INC-1455] - Spider-Importer: Sync also firstname/lastname
  • [INC-1452] - Show name of FetchMail in confirmation dialog
  • [INC-1470] - ContactImport: Add LastImportDate
  • [INC-1487] - Ticket Overview: Show newly created Ticket without refreshing the page first.
  • [INC-1496] - REST improvements for Note creation
  • [INC-1509] - Felder im Ticketsystem anpassen
  • [INC-1514] - variable $ missing in response templates
  • [INC-1529] - REST: Add possibility to assign an agent upon ticket creation

New Feature

  • [INC-252] - Allow customization of "Classification" / "Resolution"
  • [INC-1314] - Logged in agent should not receive a "New pending activity" email if he creates and assigns the ticket to himself
  • [INC-1316] - CreateTicket: Add Checkbox to suppress e-mail notifications
  • [INC-1319] - Change Ticket State to assigned when creating and assigning directly to the current agent.
  • [INC-1409] - Change State automatically to "Assigned" when adding the first note
  • [INC-1448] - Export für mehr als 1000 Tickets
  • [INC-1456] - Create Ticket page: Add a new button "create & edit"
  • [INC-1457] - CreateTicket: Don't send emails to the creator of the Ticket.
  • [INC-1481] - CreateTicket: Allow to suppress customer notifications when creating a Ticket
  • [INC-1482] - Auf Ticketübersichtsseite nach Schliessen
  • [INC-1484] - TicketOverview: My Created Tickets
  • [INC-1488] - Add support for Reply-To E-Mail header attribute

New And Noteworthy

Customizable Classifications and Resolutions

The classification and resolution fields can be customized:

  • enable/disable them (existing feature)
  • change order of the lists by drag & drop
  • Add new custom fields
  • Rename custom fields

Note: Internal classifications/resolutions cannot be renamed or deleted. It is only possible to enable/disable them and to change the sort order.

Rules for Ticket State changes

The rules for changing a Ticket State are now customizable. There are two rules:

  • Create Ticket and directly start working on it (create & edit)
  • Start working on an already created Ticket (take ownership)

By default, the state is kept as "NEW" but it is also possible to automatically change the state to CONFIRMED or ASSIGNED when start working on a ticket:

Improved UI for the Create Ticket page

New button "Create and Edit"

A new button "Create and Edit" creates a new Ticket and starts working directly on that Ticket:

Note: The button is only visible after selecting a Ticket Queue, and only if the current agent is also member of that selected queue.

Enable/disable notifications when creating a new Ticket

It is now possible to suppress sending notification e-mails for customers and for agents for each ticket. (Previously this was already configurable globaly in the ticket queue configuration)

Note: The default settings can be overwritten on Configuration - Ticket Queues. If the global configuration does disable notifications, then the checkboxes are not visible on the Create Ticket page.

Uncheck the customer notification checkbox by default in the global queue configuration

In the Configuration - Ticket Queues it is also possible to uncheck the notify customers on ticket creation checkbox by default:

"Do not notify me about my changes"

A new configuration setting allows to current agent to suppress all e-mail notifications for himself about his own changes. E.g. if the current agent creates a ticket, he will not receive any ticket-created-notifications:

Note: The setting is located at the Create Ticket page for now, but it may be moved to another location on one of the upcomming releases.

Ticketoverview: My created Tickets

A new tab "My created Ticket" on the Ticket Overview page show all tickets the currently logged in agent has created:

Improved customization of field visibility and validation on the Create Ticket page

This release improves the field visibility and validation configuration for the Create Ticket page and others.
The visibility/requirements configuration has been splitted up into two configuration parts. It is now possible to individually configure if the field should be optional and if it should also be hidden.

Also this release intorduces the configuration property to make the "message" field optional

Note: The field visibility configuration has been moved from the "General" to the "Default Fields"-tab.
Note: Due to the splitting of the configuration entries, it might be required to reconfigure some of these settings.


Additional variables for e-mail templates

The following variables have been added to the Response Templates:

  • $
  • $ticket.subject
  • $ticket.state
  • $ticket.processingState
  • $ticket.queue

Improved Selfservice for contacts

The selfservice functionality has been improved for contacts.

Customers/contacts can now:

  • see all their Tickets
  • delete them
  • edit the customer info
  • or completely delete the account

To selfservice his tickets and account, the customer needs to login into the system.
Once, he is logged in, all his Tickets are displayed.
Now the customer has the possibility to:

  • (1) Update his Contact information
  • (2) Delete a Ticket (if he is main contact)
  • (3) Remove himself from the Ticket (if he is an additional contact)
  • (4) Delete his contact information including all Tickets.


Other improvements

Export all Tickets on the Query Ticket page

It is now possible to export all found tickets on the Query Ticket results page (and not just 1000 as before):

FetchMail: Added support for the Reply-To e-mail field

The Reply-To header field is now supported. If an e-mail is fetched by FetchMail with Reply-To-Header field, the this e-mail address will be used as default contact e-mailaddress of the Ticket instead of the from-address.


Other notable feature

  • When closing a Ticket, the browser is redirected to the Ticket overview page instead of the Start page.
  • REST: Add possibility to assign an agent upon ticket creation.
  • The sort arrow is now clickable on the table columns.